Stuff to Eat!

Pasture Raised Eggs


 On our farm, the chickens roam free in the pasture eating bugs, seeds and plants.  During the night they retire to the safety of their Egg Mobile.  The end results...nutrient rich eggs with beautiful bright orange yolks, rich in omega-3. The best eggs you'll ever taste.

Pasture Raised Chicken


Our pasture raised meat chickens are raised in portable, floorless field shelters that we refer to as chicken tractors.  They are moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock giving them lots of fresh "salad" and bugs to eat.  They get all the fresh air, sunshine and exercise they want and as much non-GMO feed as they choose to eat.  

100% Grass Fed and Finshed Beef


One of the joys of small farm life is listening to the chorus of sounds coming from the animals.  The lowing of cattle is particularly pleasant.  It's also the sign of a contented cow.  Our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished.  They are rotated through 7 different pastures, spending 2 or 3 days in each one before moving to a new pasture. 

Pastured Pork


Pigs are a new addition to our farm.   They spend their days having fun playing in the woods at the edge of our pasture, eating (a lot), sleeping, eating (A LOT!) and hanging with Dexter (our Golden Retriever) when he visits.

Where to find us!


You'll find us every Saturday at the Market on the Grand (formerly Grand Ledge Farmers Market)  Saturdays from 

9 am-1 pm.  It's located at Jaycee Park along the Grand River (behind the Opera House.)  We'd love to see you there!

Fun Fact


A brooder is a simple box heated by 2 lamps and insulated by sawdust on top.  It is raised off the ground by 4 legs allowing the chicks to run in and out.  This is a photo from the day the new batch of chicks arrived in early January.  Soft fluffy sawdust bedding, plenty of water and all the food they care to eat makes this the perfect home for the newly hatched chicks.  Oh yeah, outside the brooder, a nippy 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  Inside the brooder, a balmy 95!!!